Helpful Charts
 pdf Drench Gun ID Chart (0.11MB)
 A handy guide showing the different models of 20ml Metal Drenchers.
 pdf Vaccinator Chart (0.13MB)
 Useful chart showing various old and new models of metal
N J Phillips injectors.
 pdf Plastic Drencher ID Chart (0.08MB)
Various models of plastic drenchers, and their service kits.
 pdf Nozzle Chart (0.13MB)
Different types of nozzles and the applicator/s they will fit.
 pdf Feed Tube & Adaptors (0.11MB)
 A useful chart showing the different types of feed tube, and the feed tube adaptors.
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Newsletters Archive

pdf Farmers May 2012 Newsletter (0.19MB) 

News Articles

pdf Straight Furrow Article - July 2012 (2.50MB)
 Kelvin O'Neill visits a gathering of the Rangitikei-Manawatu Women in Farming Group, to talk about drench guns and maintenance.