15ml Hobby Pack (Drencher/Injector/Pour-on)

15ml Hobby Pack (Drencher/Injector/Pour-on)

Multi-use pack ideal for Hobby farmers with small numbers of animals.  Hobby Pack contains:

  • 15ml Injector with Injection Attachment and 4mm feed tube (suitable for injecting)
  • 9mm Barb Inlet Fitting & 9mm feed tube (to allow thicker drench/pour-on products to flow quickly
  • Sheep Nozzle & Nozzle Nut to secure the nozzle (suitable for drenching)
  • Fan Spray Nozzle (suitable for pour-on)

Other accessories, service kits and parts available.


$99.57 NZD

More Information

pdf PAS1263 (0.26MB) 

Instruction Leaflet

pdf PAS1263 Instruction Leaflet (0.21MB)